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As a leading logistics staffing company, we understand your challenges and are here to help you navigate them easily.

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We have 8 years of experience in logistics, offering high-quality remote staffing solutions to redefine the industry.

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Tony Radchishin


Tony’s career at Millhouse Logistics has been marked by his entrepreneurial spirit and executive leadership. He served as the Founder & CEO for 12 years and was a trailblazer in product development and engineering.

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Jeff Ogren


Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur with a logistics, transportation, and supply chain background. He has worked at Uber Freight and Trucker Path and has experience scaling businesses and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

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Chris Fields

VP of Sales

Chris is a seasoned leader in the 3PL Sales & Strategy industry with an impressive 15-year career at TQL. He built a personal book of business worth $100 million and managed teams generating over $1 billion in brokerage revenue.

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Robert Miller

VP of Sales Operations

Robert is a Supply Chain and Logistics expert with 10+ years of experience. He has worked at multi-billion dollar organizations such as TQL, SunteckTTS, and Livingston International, specializing in operations and strategy.

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Brett Buller

VP of Customer Success

Brett has 15+ years of experience in designing and implementing supply chain initiatives. His work involves integrating systems, reducing cost, increasing efficiency, and future-proofing at scale.

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Christopher Edge

VP of Business Development

Meet Christopher, a seasoned International Business Development Executive who excels in e-commerce, logistics, and technology. With expertise in strategy, business development, and management, he's the ultimate professional.

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Claire Randich

Director of Account Management

Claire has a remarkable history of managing accounts at Uber, LinkedIn, and Meta. She is highly skilled in promoting client success and establishing enduring relationships.

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Our Services
Cost Savings

Our solutions offer substantial cost reductions, reaching as high as 53%. Smartly reduce expenses.

We assist in maintaining flexibility, guaranteeing stability and robustness to cope with variations in demand and economic uncertainty.

Low Turnover Rate

We select the most qualified candidates. As a result, you have a turnover rate of less than 5%.

Hiring talent remotely is a cost-effective way to reach your business goals. Experience the power of remote work.

Seamless Integration

Set the hours, and our seamlessly integrated professionals become an extension of your local team.

We provide full time customer service staffing/call center staffing to cover operations 24/7. Hire top talent and improve customer satisfaction.

Top-notch Talent

Streamline your operations with a team of highly skilled professionals from Eastern Europe.

Our remote staffing services can help you find long-term skilled professionals with advanced degrees. Experience excellent work ethic.

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Use the power of remote staffing provided by Zelh Logistics — your trusted partner with deep expertise. We are a leading staffing solutions company with a smooth hiring process.

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    Years of experience in the logistics industry. We have been on a mission to transform the logistics landscape.

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    Office locations around the world. No matter where you need your team - we have got you covered.

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    Experts outsourced. We provide logistics staffing solutions that go beyond the ordinary.

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Zelh Logistics did things we didn't know would have to be done. They take care of all the HR problems and people issues.
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If someone asks me about Zelh Logistics, I would probably say if you are looking for a reliable outstaffing company, I would recommend them.

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