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What roles do you have the deepest bench in currently?

Zelh Logistics’ primary focus is supporting Logistics companies with dispatch, operations, track & trace, logistics coordinators, AR/AP back-office staff, accountants, carrier/freight sales, after-hours, and weekend shifts.

How does Zelh Logistics ensure the quality of the candidates it provides?

Our rigorous screening process includes skill assessments, interviews, and reference checks to ensure we provide only top-notch talent. With a focus on Eastern Europe's rich talent pool, we offer candidates with a strong work ethic, fluent English, and the specific skills needed for the logistics sector.

What makes Zelh Logistics different from other staffing companies?

Zelh Logistics is uniquely dedicated to the logistics industry, combining deep sector knowledge with a rich talent pool from Eastern Europe. We emphasize significant cost savings, fluent English speakers, and convenient time zone alignment, making us the preferred choice for logistics companies seeking efficiency and quality.

What is the size of your operations?

US-based staff supported by Eastern European staff with over 1000 staffed associates.

What are the cost benefits of partnering with Zelh Logistics?

Our clients enjoy up to 53% in cost savings due to our efficient staffing solution. By leveraging our expertise and global talent pool, businesses can reduce operational expenses while maintaining high-quality service delivery.

How does Zelh Logistics support global expansion?

Through our EOR (employer of record) services, we simplify the hiring process internationally, allowing you to expand your operations globally without establishing local entities. We handle compliance, payroll, and HR functions, enabling you to focus on scaling your business.

What are the locations where you can operate?

Zelh Logistics has offices and locations in Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Moldova, and Colombia.

What are your performance KPIs?

Performance Metrics and KPIs are defined by the client and agreed upon by the associate. This varies by role, individual, and client. Zelh Logistics Account Managers are in place if an associate needs coaching or a performance review.

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