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Employer of record

Employer-of-record services are the key to unlocking global talent. It allows you to scale your logistics and transportation business effortlessly. Zelh Logistics is a global employer of record, and we offer top-tier EOR services that streamline your international operations. So, you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

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What does EOR service cover?

Delivering comprehensive sales staffing for logistics companies, Zelh Logistics focuses on key roles that drive revenue, foster client relationships, and contribute to overall business growth.

Contract management

With EOR services, your employment contracts are under control, ensuring compliance with international employment laws.

Payroll management

Our EOR services include cost-effective payroll management. Also, EOR handles the nuances of paying employees on time.

Benefits administration

Comprehensive benefits administration to support the well-being and satisfaction of your international team.

Tax contributions

Navigate the complexities of global taxation effortlessly with Zelh Logistics - international employer of record.

International EOR: Zelh Logistics's approach

We manage other regulatory technicalities, allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

  • Project overview
  • Candidate selection
  • Discuss compensation
  • Launch & integration
  • Performance review
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Compliance with local labor laws

Operate and scale your tech team globally in accordance with international standards and regulations, saving resources and growing effortlessly.

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Legal employer

We handle all your EOR needs – hiring, contracts, employee benefits, and regular well-being check-ins. We also manage payroll and provide HR functions.

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International coverage

Work with high-skilled tech specialists across multiple countries, expanding your talent pool and opportunities. We have hundreds of qualified candidates.

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On-time payroll processing

Zelh Logistics ensures timely payments and benefit distribution for your tech specialists with no compliance risks. Choose experience.

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Global expansion

Expand to new markets with local entity without the hassle of opening new divisions. Hiring internationally allows you to escape the need for subsidiaries.

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Global workforce

Strengthen your team by hiring people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds with the help of EOR services.

Best EOR benefits

91%Approvals after interview
10Years of expertise
5A talent pool spanning 5 continents
Let us streamline your supply chain operations and bring processes to a new level. Zelh Logistics will be your global EOR provider, handling payroll, taking care of qualified employees, and ensuring stability.
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